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The Swan

The musical piece titled “The Swan” by composer Camille Saint Saens has always been one of my favorites, but yesterday, I watched a video of the cellist Yo-Yo Ma as he spoke about and played the composition. I was particularly moved when he talked about the aspect of music that exists beyond what is written on the instructions in front of you, that the creation of sound has far more to do with the artist, the cultivation of feeling, and the uniqueness of each performance that give the sheet music its three dimensionality. I think this idea applies beyond just the creation of art like, The Swan. You cannot simply move through life performing actions that move you from one moment to the next; rather, you have to imbue those actions with purpose and meaning and with an awareness of the spaces and world you inhabit. This is how I’ve always tried to approach my baking too. And I will continue to bake and work with love and purpose.

It has become the month of Thanksgiving so quickly. I wonder what we were all doing this time last year. I have a faint recollection of being stuck in my house and thus putting all my spare time into knitting. I will be offering two pies this month. In addition to last year’s pumpkin pie, I will be selling a pecan pie. The pumpkin pie will have a shortbread crust and a pumpkin filling with a light sweetness. The pecan pie will have a flaky crust and will be infused with a nice bourbon to give it a rich scent; it will be decadent but I am also hoping to keep it elegant and refined. I think eating either pie with ice cream or whipped cream will be the absolute best! I am going to be making the pies in limited quantities, so if you’d like one, please let me know as soon as possible since I do not know how quickly they will sell out. I’ll also be making granola, so let me know if you’d like to order that as well.I hope you can enjoy it with family and friends that you weren’t able to see last year.



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