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Thanksgiving Apple Pie

Fall is the season when people yearn to eat comfort food. For many people, including me, a delicious apple pie with a flaky crust comes to mind. So I decided to bake an apple pie.

The decision about what type of crust to make is tough. One possibility is a crust made from dough using vegetable shortening and butter. It is a little bit tricky to manage the dough, but it is worth it. The crust is flaky and melts in your mouth. The other choice is a dough using apple cider and butter. This is easier than using shortening because the dough is a little less soft.  

After weighing these options, I settled for the using apple cider and butter. This crust is delicious and the dough is easier to manage. I used baked apples for the filling, topped with caramel sauce.

Thanksgiving is coming and I'm ready to teach a class on my mouth watering Rustic Apple Pie. Yum! 

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