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This summer I traveled to Barcelona and San Sebastián. We enjoyed some fine dining, eating at many wonderful restaurants, including one with three Michelin stars and another with one star. We enjoyed tapas at lots places. Highlights were a few of Anthony Bourdain’s favorite spots. Later in the summer, I went to Burlington, Washington to take a class to learn how to mill my own flour at home. But after taking the class, I changed my mind, and decided that home milling is not for me. After this, I stayed with a friend who lives on Bainbridge Island. She has lots of lovely fruit trees that made me envious: apples, pears, figs, cherries, Italian plums. I brought 4 pounds of plums back home with me and made plum jam. While I was eating some of this jam, sadness came over me about losing Jonathan Gold, a true culinary giant and a good friend.

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