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Summer at Home

This is the first summer I have ever spent in Pasadena. For the twenty-five years that I’ve lived in America, my summers have always been reserved for a trip back to my parents and my home in Saitama Prefecture, Japan, but due to the circumstances of the pandemic, I had to give up on those plans. I’m sad that I can’t see my parents and brother, a privilege I didn’t expect would vanish so suddenly. Staying here in California also means I won’t be able to partake in many of the seasonal food rituals from home: plum wine from fresh plums, shiso juice, plum miso, sansho tsukudani, bug repellent made from native weeds and wild plants, and not to mention all the preserved food and medicine I bring home once a year to last me the other three seasons in the States. Instead, my first summer here in Pasadena has been filled with lots of experimentation and hunting around nearby markets, trying to find ways to perform these rituals here. Where I come from, we believe that an essential part of using seasonal ingredients all year long lies in mastering the craft of fermentation. Here in America, I don’t see very many fermented foods, but there’s so much space for trying new things out. Start with easy things like pickles, and then move to more difficult things like sauerkraut or yoghurts - I recommend all of you try it too!






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