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Sumi in Berlin!

Berlin is a very vibrant and exciting city. Of course, the food has improved very much over the years. However, the timeless fried food and sausages have not changed at all and still remain yummy. I went to a place called Curry 36. It alwatys has very long lines and serves simple food. When you order your food, it is served on paper. The best dish is the French fries and fried sausages. They sprinkle spice sauce on top. When I ordered, I told them to put the sauce on the side but they ignored or didn’t do it. It was too much ketchup for me to enjoy it. Needless to say, all the people around me devoured their sausages and fries with sauce. Obviously, they enjoyed the food immensely. I love German bread and cakes, especially plum cake. I will definitely make a delicious plum cake soon.

Stay tuned!

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