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Spring Baking For May

How is everyone spending their time these days? I am grateful and also happy that so many of you could enjoy some nice bread from my April sale! If there are people around you looking for a place to buy a good loaf, let them know, especially since flour and bread both seem to sell out  at markets these days. After this long month of quarantine and staying home that all of you, like me, have started to get a feel for your go-to neighborhood markets and are taking walks and small outings alone and with your family to stay healthy and sane. I have gotten into the habit of waking up at dawn and going on a run with our dog. The cooler morning air and the greater sense of freedom (often I have to be so careful of the streets full of people with a similar idea of exercising outside in mind) offered to me in these early hours is so refreshing. My neighborhood is filled with challenging hills, so there’s no need for me to drive to other places just to have a good run. From some of these small summits, I can see all of downtown Pasadena. Perhaps when things get a little better, you all who don’t live here could visit, as it’s a beautiful place.

My Saturdays begin at 4AM. I wake up in the dark, praying today’s bread will be a success, and turn on the light in the kitchen. But once I turn on the oven and begin working with the dough that has spent the last week preparing itself for this moment, I get so excited that any anxiety fades away. Bread is like a baby, and baking it is like seeing a living child grow into adulthood. Every time, that bread looks a little different, blossoms in its own unique way.

During this time, I am so glad to be surrounded by things and a lifestyle I have made over the years. Homemade food, homegrown vegetables, home-sewn clothes and blankets to sleep with, homemade soap; whatever it is. And now that I am stuck here, that number of homemade things is growing exponentially. It helps me to think about how to live well with what I’ve made, what I have, and what will be available to me during certain times. I apply this thinking so often when I cook, so if you have any questions about working with limited ingredients (or having 50 too many carrots in your fridge!) please email me, and maybe we can work on some ideas.

For this month, I will be selling homemade granola and peach tart along with the bread. Also, alongside the regular sourdough, you may find some that have a bit of oats or cornmeal incorporated since I’ve started experimenting a little bit; if you happen upon one of these loaves, I hope you enjoy! The granola is a recipe I have been working with for over ten years and contains equal parts organic oats and various nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. I’ve cut down a bit on the sweetness so that all the flavors come out nicely. I know 2 pounds of granola is a lot, but I enjoy mixing it with yogurt, adding into breakfast cereals for a little more texture, or just having a handful as a healthy filling snack. It can also be frozen to eat later. The peaches and eggs in my favorite peach tart are organic, from Bloom Ranch of Acton, a farm that I have had a longstanding relationship with. The tart is a little smaller than last month’s orange tart, so it’s something that can be a perfect and manageable addition to a nice family gathering.

Please continue to take care of yourselves and live well with good spirits through May and the rest of springtime. If you’re feeling a little out of it, I find that making something, whether it be food or other things, just for yourself or for others, creates a little bit of extra joy and light.

皆さんどのようにお過ごしですか? 4月は発売と同時に数日でほとんどが完売になる程注文をいただきました。周りに美味しいパンを求めている方がいらしたらどうぞ私のパンのことを紹介してください。家のオーブンでどれだけ焼けるかは疑問ですが材料が手に入る限り、そしてオーブンが壊れるまで頑張ります。









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