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June Colors

My daily routine is filled with color; I hope yours is too. Color is interesting: it can express feeling, it can signify freshness of produce -- it’s a much more essential part of our day to day than we assume. We pick the colors of our clothes based on our mood, and sometimes we even cook with certain colors depending on how we want a meal to look. When my daughter, who lived in New York up until the pandemic, got together to make a potluck dinner party with her friends once a week, the theme was always a single color: “This week is white!” or “This week is red!” are phrases I have heard countless times during my phone calls with her. How I long to have these kinds of gatherings and parties again at my home in California. Maybe I’ll try the color theme idea once that becomes a possibility again.

This month, I will be selling bread once a week, but will also be adding extra items for two of the weeks. I will offer lemon bars that are similar to the ones we used to make at Europane. I use hand-milled, organic heirloom flour for the crust, and the lemony filling is made with fresh lemons from our own garden along with organic eggs from Bloom Ranch. I’ve held back a little on the sweetness so that you can still taste the fresh tanginess of the lemon.

The other item will be my new version of the cookie bundle (I’ve done one before). It includes three colors of shortbread -- plain, chocolate, and matcha -- that are perfect together since the flavors are so different but also complimentary. In addition, the bundle contains my daughter’s personal favorite: oatmeal cookies with dried fruits, nuts, and white chocolate. All of the cookies are made with organic flour. All of them are just sweet enough that you can still taste the variety of undertones and enjoy all the different textures. I hope you enjoy!

This time of year is fun for me because jam making begins. Citrus-based jams can be enjoyed not just on bread but also as a seasoning in savory dishes like meat and fish. Whether you attempt making your own, or go buy a jar, I definitely recommend experimenting with jam. The options for flavors and dishes are endless! And if you have any questions regarding jam-making or cooking with jam, just email me. I’d be happy to help out however I can!





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