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Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Sumi Chang, former owner of EuroPane Bakery will be teaching classes on bread making

Phase One:

Basic Baking - February 8 (10 AM to 1PM)

An exploration of how to make dinner rolls and pan bread. Students will work with flour, yeast and salt to become familiar with these baking essentials. It will be lots of fun! Students will also learn how to make and maintain sourdough starter.

Phase Two

Sour Dough Bread - February 15 (10 AM to 1PM)

Students will bring their starter to class and make a loaf of bread. This skill will open new horizons in bread baking. Students will learn techniques that will allow them to bake wonderful breads that will satisfy all the senses, breads that smell, look and taste great!

Contact : sumi@atourtable.org

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