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I am busy getting ready for our fundraising focaccia cooking demonstration next month. I am experimenting with a few doughs and toppings for this. 

First, I made a straight dough using flour, water, yeast and salt. I mixed the dough, let it proof and baked it. It lacked flavor.  Next, I made a sponge, let it proof for 16 hours and added it to the focaccia dough. Then I mixed the dough and let it proof and baked it This dough had flavor and tasted good.  Next, I refreshed some starter I had in my refrigerator, and added it to the focaccia dough. This dough had good flavor and tasted good. However, the dough came out a little flat. It didn't have volume.   Then, I had to decide on what kind of toppings to use. I know that I need to make a few different toppings to satisfy both those who enjoy meat and and those who prefer vegetables.  So, I experimented with many choices, using different methods and ingredients. Before our fundraising event, I will decide on what dough and what toppings to use. It is a fun project for a good cause and I am having a good time planning it. By the time December comes, I will be ready for the demonstration with a wonderful dough, a terrific sauce, and delicious toppings. Happy baking!

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