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Bread & More in April

How is everyone doing during this hectic and scary time? It is strange for me to think that people across the globe are experiencing much of the same feelings, worries, and fears as me and my family. Rarely do our concerns align so closely in this kind of way. My aging parents in Japan continue to work through a constant haze of unease, and their anxiety for my own family is palpable, even from half the world away.

I am still planning to continue my bread making and sales this month. I’m sure many of you are feeling the same strains that I am: the challenges of grocery shopping, the no-more eating out, the attempts to keep home cooking interesting and the family fed well. During this kind of time, I am hoping my bread will bring some small ease and a little joy to your morning coffee or your dinnertime soup.

Sourdough bread is special amongst other breads not just because of its taste and smell, but also because it lasts an incredibly long time. Of course slicing up the loaf and storing it in the freezer will keep the bread well, but with sourdough, even laying the cut face of the loaf down on a wood board will keep it fresh for over a week. The acidification of the dough by lactic acid bacteria in our sourdough starter and other physical-chemical changes during the bread making process help protect against premature bread firming and drying. Additionally, these acids also help prevent molding; the immense care put into growing a sourdough starter that is packed with these acids pays off in time and freshness.

For April, I am planning on doing two surprise desserts that will come with the bread. To go with Spring and the Easter season, I am making couverture chocolate bird’s nests with chocolate eggs. This is a dessert I have been making for over ten years and is a favorite of my kids. They’re so pretty to look at, and I remember always telling my kids to appreciate them with their eyes first (even though the snacks would disappear quickly).

The second dessert is a soft, orange cake using this season’s organic ripe blood oranges and organic eggs from Bloom Ranch of Acton. This little cake also lasts a long time in the refrigerator; a little slice here and there is good for the soul.

Take care and stay safe.


皆さんお元気ですか? 今世界中のだれもが同じことを願って生きていると思うと、すごく不思議な感じさえします。日本にいる両親も毎日不安な気持ちで仕事をし、そしてアメリカで暮らす私の家族のことを心配しているようです。






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