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Have any of you watched the Japanese drama TV show called “Midnight Diner”? It’s a Netflix show that a good friend of mine who lives down the street recommended; I just finished watching it with my husband. “Midnight Diner” takes place in Tokyo’s Shinjuku ward, centering on the relationships and happenings surrounding a small diner only open after midnight and until sunrise. This diner is unique in that there is no set menu; rather, guests can order whatever they like, and if the ingredients are available that night, the chef will make it for them. Guests come to the diner and order a dish deeply embedded in their own past and memories. As such, each episode centers around the stories and connections between individuals that become linked through food, cooking, and taste. The premise of the show reminded me of my own philosophy around food and human connection, and watching it each night, I felt particularly blessed to be a part of my own shared small food community and past here in America. If you have the chance, I hope you can watch the show.

The other day, I took apart one of the old “yukata” (a more casual variation of kimono) that my grandmother gave to me many years ago, and with it I sewed a “noren.” “Noren” is a hallmark of Japanese culture and aesthetics: two long pieces of cloth that hang in front of entrances (often placed in door frames and entrances to shops and restaurants, not unlike the one from “Midnight Diner”. The noren acts as a border between two different environments as well as being a more fluid form of a doorway, one that lets in sound and smell and light and shadows. Simultaneously, the noren symbolizes a welcoming. Oftentimes, the placement of a noren at a restaurant entrance indicates that the store is ‘open.’ Although my own home is not a restaurant or a shop, I hang my noren with the hopes of letting those who come to visit know that they are always welcome.

Although the summer heat seems to be continuing, my own thoughts are already starting to turn towards autumn. For September, I will be attempting one of America’s signature desserts: blueberry pie. I will be dialing back a bit on the sweetness, instead complimenting the flavor with fresh organic blueberries and my own fresh pie dough. Pie needs to be eaten more quickly than bread, which can be enjoyed for an entire week, so I recommend giving some to a good friend or sharing with your family.

The other dessert I will be preparing is a tart using the fresh figs grown by my neighbors, Eddie and Sophie. Similar to the other tarts I have sold in the past (peach, orange), this is one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy.

English muffins, bagels, and rye bread will also be available; if you are interested, please reach out to me directly.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all under my new noren!








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