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Poof is a bundle of fluff

The colors and smells of spring have begun to fill our daily meal spread. It has been a little while; how is everyone doing? Do you remember our new family member that I spoke about a couple of blogs ago, Poof, the cat that my daughter brought home from Tennessee last August? Just a few days ago, for the first time, she climbed in my lap to take a nap. It is shocking to think it took six months for her to make that small step (that feels so big) in our friendship. Poof mannerisms – the shy eyes that follow me and look away when I meet her gaze, the way she puts her paw out with uncertainty to ask me for something – are so different from my own outgoing, almost too confident character. We are polar opposites, but I guess cats and humans both have their own little personalities and quirks. To think this is just how she is, how she was born, actually makes her all the more lovable.

Many of you are probably wondering if I have returned from Japan. If all had gone smoothly, I would've been reunited with my parents for the first time in three years, and I’d be spending February relaxing in my childhood home with them. Unfortunately, because of the harsh restrictions for COVID, my trip was postponed, and now I’m planning on going in March instead of this month. Three years feels so long, but I know it’s only one more month of waiting. I have been thinking a lot about how, after being away for so long, I can take care of them and do a little giving back. I also can’t help but worry that they have aged in my time away. But since I will be spending one more month in California, I have decided to do one pop up sale on March 5. I miss everyone and can’t wait to see you all! I’ll be attempting many different things: bread, kumquat jam and blood orange marmalade, cookies and chocolate cake I will be waiting for your pickup with some complimentary coffee and little pastries.

In addition to the restaurant that I have been collaborating with, Hatchet Hall, starting next month my pastries will be sold at a cafe called Menotti's in Venice Beach and Culver City. If you ever make it over to either of those places, please give them a try!!





去年から手伝っているレストランのHatchet Hall に加えてヴェニスビーチとカルバーシティーにあるMenotti'sというカフェでも私の企画したPastryがこの春から並ぶことになります。そちら方面に行く機会があればぜひお寄りください。!

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