About Us

Sumi and Masako have collaborated to form At Our Table, a place for sharing their passion for food with others. Working in a custom kitchen dedicated to their endeavor, they teach their students to develop their own skills and tastes for baking. At Our Table is fun and personal, a hands-on place for sharing and learning. At Our Table is a place where simple, fresh ingredients reflect the seasons and extend to make a healthy lifestyle. 


Sumi Chang

Sumi is a baker and pastry chef. Originally trained in Paris and San Francisco, she honed her skills at a number of well-known restaurants in Los Angeles, including Cicada, the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Four Seasons Hotel and Campanile. She went on to open, own and operate the beloved Europane Bakery in Pasadena in 1995. Now retired from Europane, Sumi has continued to develop her culinary skills, giving her an unparalleled knowledge of fine cooking and baking.


Sumi will conduct all of the cooking classes offered by At Our Table. Her goal is to pass on her knowledge and skills to others who share her passion.

Masako Yatabe

Masako has always had passion for cooking and baking. From her earliest memories of sitting on her mother’s kitchen counter in Tokyo while she prepared her family’s meals, Masako has developed her own sense and skills over the years. After moving to Los Angeles in the late 1990s, the city opened her to a wide array of tastes reflective of the diversity of peoples living there. Masako began working with Sumi at Europane in 2009, helping to develop a line of pastries that have defined it. Their friendship, along with a shared love of cooking and baking continues to grow. 

Masako will pursue her joy of cooking and baking in a variety of venues. Her new venture will involve collaborations with other culinary professionals to make events that bring people together around the table for sharing and exchange. She will also pursue baking for smaller groups who share a love for artisan food.